Flax Lignans Story Coronavirus

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The Corona Virus develops upper respiratory infections and lives outside the human body for up to five days. Infected people are highly contagious. This virus has the capacity to morph into serious global pandemic strains. Mayo Clinic says that there will be no vaccines for Corona Virus planne for years to come.

How do you protect yourself?  The #1 defense is a strong immune system.  Have you ever notice when the flu is going around, that some people seem bullet proof while others are hacking, coughing and missing work or school? This is due to a strong human immune system that effectively fights off the same virus or bacteria that others are succumbing to.

Good news!  We have the world's best, all natural immune system super chargers available on a limited basis.  Introducing your family members to these products will start super charging the immune system immediately, and will start building that powerful barrier that you need to fight off virus, bacteria and invasive nano particles that wreak havoc on weak immune systems.

Our top flagship product which is recommended by Mayo Clinic, National Cancer Institute, Health Sciences Institute and others, is the all natural FLAX HULL LIGNANS!


Dr. Gregory Poland, director of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group.  At 1:40 he makes clear that we will not have a vaccine for humans for several years.

 Dr. Ken Berry, MD says that the best defense is a strong immune system.